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Decin Castle

24. 10. 2009

Děčínský Castle

One of the largest and historically most important castles of its kind in Bohemia in Decin is located at the confluence of the Elbe and Ploučnice in close proximity to the National Park Czech Switzerland. Among the largest and historically most important buildings of its kind in Bohemia. After several reconstructions reached into a baroque-classicist castle. Děčínský Castle lies at the confluence of Elbe and Ploučnice. The castle is situated in the Usti region and is a cultural feature of the town Decin. Unique feature of the castle is called the Long ride freely rising main driveway of almost 300 meters long, which is surrounded by high walls with arcades and was built in Baroque style in 1672nd Tourists can also see a beautiful rose garden with a two floor glorie with staircase and terrace, the railings are 3 statues of ancient gods from AF Kitzinger, on the western side of the garden is sala terrena with frescoes. The castle we visited in the past, many scientists, artists, musicians and politicians, such as Dobrovský Josef, Josef Jungmann, Fryderyk Chopin and stayed here and Sir Walter Scott. Castle was originally a Romanesque castle, which is the first mention of the 1128th The castle became the center of administration Děčín estate. After the death of King Premysl Otakar II. castle briefly belonged Michalovicům. In 1305 he Václav II. possess advanced Vartemberkům in which reconstruction was gothic castle. In 1534, the owners became knights from Buna, in which the castle was in the 2nd mid 16th rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau. Between 1668 - 1683 Count Maximilian had Thun-Hohenstein castle rebuilt in the style of Baroque. In the 80 the 18th last century castle underwent reconstruction, in which acquired its current early Classical style. Thanks to the castle of Thun in the 18th century became a major cultural center and later the place of political negotiations. Castle served as a manor house until 1932, when he sold Thuns state. Time lock used by the Army. Currently completing the reconstruction of the castle. Accessible by car throughout the year.


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